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Film Education by Industry Professional Mentors

Utah Film Mentors

Utah Film Mentors is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing secondary schools in Utah with workshops and production mentoring by film and television industry professionals at no cost to the students or the schools. Our mission is to inspire and educate the next generation of filmmakers throughout the state, including underserved, Title 1, and minority schools and we do this by offering hands-on experience and guidance to students interested in pursuing careers in this exciting industry. Browse through our workshops and see how we can help your school's film program thrive.

Work side-by-side with Industry Professionals

Building Utah's Next Filmmakers

Title I School Support Programs

Tested and Proven Workshops

Our Workshops
All photos are from actual UFM workshops

“My experience with the mentor program has been transformative, and I am convinced that its continuation and expansion will be instrumental in shaping the future of film arts education in our state.​”

Kristina Yamada, Utah Board of Education

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